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Goat Friends [userpic]
Good Fats: How Do I Get Them?

So. I've been doing this thing where I track my food/calorie intake online. My goal isn't to lose weight but to see where my nutrients are coming from and then to be able to be better to myself. Starting just under two months ago, I went from a diet that was high in fat and low in protein (surprise to me! I'd always thought I'd done well on this count) to a diet that now gets plenty of protein but actually does not generally get enough fat, which is not so great.

I'd like to increase the amount of fat in my diet a little bit, but I want to do it without going back to where I was before. Since I don't want to just randomly add fat calories to my diet by, say, eating spoonfuls of butter, I'm looking for ideas as to what foods might contain "good fats" so I can work them into my meals.

I'm not veg*n, though I prefer not to eat beef, pork, or cheese, or at least to eat them only every once in awhile rather than as more staple foods in my diet. I'm also not much of a cook, so items that can be purchased in near ready-to-eat condition are a plus.


Thank you!

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Hmm I'm not sure about whether its good or bad fat but I love full fat homemade style yogurt, its also good if you don't like cheese cause it's chockers full of calcium. I'm fairly certain that nuts, olive oil, and oily fish have good fats.

As you probably already know, good fats usually come from those little finned creatures paddling away in the sea.

These are the fats that doctors push that are supposed to cardio-friendly -- OMEGA-3.

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