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logical_nonsens [userpic]
Low blood sugar?

My teacher today said she thinks that I show signs of low blood sugar. I've never thought about it before but I looked up the symptoms today and they seem to match with me. It also works because I hardly eat(I think eating is a burden and I don't like very many sweets).

-difficulty paying attention, or confusion

Whenever I can get to a doctor, I will. That may be a long time from now. I'm starting college soon so if I do have this problems(and it is obviously affecting my school if my teacher keeps bringing it up), I don't want it to get in the way. Any tips? Maybe even motivations for eating more? Vitamins? Just something!


I'd say: schedule eating healthy snacks. Figure out how many calories you need for your weight, and just have that food around in easy-to-prepare (or no-preparation) forms. Then set an alarm on your cellphone or something, and just get into a routine of eating.

Also, talk to an endocrinologist if you can -- my pet hobby horse is thyroid issues, and those can cause all of the above symptoms, including... lack of appetite. But even a GP could, for instance, test your TSH and see if your thyroid is giving you grief.

Good luck!