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La vida de llorona [userpic]
I have a bump in my nose

Sometimes I get sores in my nose, and they hurt for about a week. Well, right now, I have a huge bump in my right nostril. I've tried swabbing it with a q-tip, but I'm afraid to put anything in my nose. To make matters worse, a couple days ago, I came down with a cold and have been fighting it ever since.  So, when I blow my nose, it's extremely painful. 

I went to WebMD and it said it might be an abscess, which means I'd have to get a doctor to drain it. 

Have you ever heard of bumps inside the nose? Do you know what it might be or how to treat it? 

This might get x-posted to ask_a_nurse


it could simply be irritation, an ingrown nosehair (it can happen!) or a pimple. my recommendation would be warm compresses, saline nasal spray, and time. feel better!!

I would suggest asking your doctor to swab it for the HSV virus. Sometimes, you see, cold sores can get into the nose area. (I am not sure if my cold sores have gotten there or not, but suspect they might've...) If it's the case that you have cold sores in the nose, then an anti-viral, like Acyclovir, would be likely to help a lot.

Good luck!